Xiaomi is silently slapping higher prices on the Redmi Note 10, for the third time

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Xiaomi is known for bringing units to the market at one of the most affordable price ranges ever. What they are doing with the Redmi Note 10, though, is a little surprising.

It has been just three and the half months since the phone launched in India and it has already gotten its third price hike in that time. Yes – the price has been sent up, and three times too.

The first one of these price hikes came in April of this year. Just last week, the price was sent up again and we now have a third increment in the price to deal with right now.

We don’t know the rationale behind this thinking and the company is not saying anything on the matter likewise. If anything, this might be a bid to get more people to buy the units fast with the fear of anther price hike looming.

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It is not wise to assume that the company did not know the right price to peg on the phone when it first made the market. Even if that was the issue at first, it should not be happening multiple times like this.

Once we know more about why this is happening, we will update this piece accordingly.

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