Tim Cook: iPhone to get option to toggle battery/performance balancing off soon

old iphone models

old iphone models

Towards the end of December of last year, a shocking revelation about how Apple slowed down older models of iPhones as their battery power started to wane became the talk of the day. The management of the Cupertino-based company explained that this, they did in a bid to ensure that the phones were not prone to shutdowns as the battery grew older and supplied less power. However, some have taken it that the iOS giant is trying to frustrates users into buying new models.

Whatever the case might be, Apple has been on the receiving end of several customer complaints, a lot of backlash from customers, a good number of lawsuits and even, a query from the China consumer group. The company has recognised that it is a wrongdoing to not have expressly stated this earlier, and have embarked on an apology campaign ever since.

As part of their apologies, the brand offered a huge discount on replacement batteries for those whose phones have been affected by the reduced performance issue. To make things better, they have now started working on a feature that will enable the user turn on/ off the option to balance the battery with the performance of the phone.

In an interview with ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis, Tim Cook mentions that

We will tell somebody we’re slightly reducing, or we’re reducing your performance by some amount in order not to have an unexpected restart, if you don’t want it, you can turn it off. Now, we don’t recommend it, because we think people’s iPhones are really important to them, and you never can tell when something is so urgent.

This is coming after the Apple iPhone update which promises to provide a deeper insight into your battery’s life, and its impact on your phone’s performance