Sony’s Music platform unveils two new features for African artists.

Sony’s Music platform unveils two new features for African artists.

Sony Music Entertainment Africa has introduced two new features to its music portal. The company named the new additions Real-Time Earnings and Cash-Out.

According to Sony, these features will allow artists on the Sony Music platform to not only view their earnings but also withdraw their profits even faster than before through the Sony Music Artist Portal.

In these uncommon times when artists require swift access to funds, the new Real-Tim earnings feature of the Sony Music Artist Portal is available anywhere and anytime. Also, it provides artists with up to date information about their global earnings, account balances, and faster insights on their earnings trend.

In like manner, the Cash-Out element of the Sony Music portal gives artists even greater control over their earnings. This feature provides artists with the option to withdraw part or all their payable balance without charges when doing so.

In a statement made by Sony, the iconic Music Portal gives artists exclusive access to performance data and insights from well-known digital platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. These platforms report their daily consumption patterns, so each artist gets to know their fanbase from an analytical point of view as well.

‘’The high degree of efficiency and transparency of our platform makes business more direct, clearer, simpler, and faster between us, our artists, and partners,’’ said, Sean Watson, MD of Sony Music Entertainment Africa.