Samsung Galaxy S21 FE to pack better battery than the vanilla Galaxy S21

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Samsung started the FE moniker thing with the Galaxy Note 7 but they have now adopted it as almost a staple for the new units in the Galaxy S series. We saw one with the Galaxy S20 family of devices, and we had been expecting a Galaxy S21 FE too.

It does seem that the South Korean OEM is hard at work on this unit and we now have some specs to look at.

For starters, the fan edition is supposed to be much more affordable (at the specs it comes in) than the traditional line-up of devices in the same family. While we don’t have any inkling to the final price of this device yet, we know that the unit will come with a 4500mAh battery which is a step beyond what we have on the vanilla Galaxy S21 of this year.

The dealbreaker, however, could come from knowing that the battery level is not at the same level with the Galaxy S21 Plus (4800mAh) which was not the same case last year with the Galaxy S20 FE/ Galaxy S20 Plus.

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Knowing how other factors impact how long a battery lasts, though, we believe Samsung might have found a way to pack a battery with smaller mAh but better performance into the unit. Right now, only time will tell.

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