Huawei starts bumping older Honor devices to the HarmonyOS platform

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The issues between Android and Huawei, as an extension of the company’s legal problems with the US, had led to the development of HarmonyOS for some time now.

While we have always been looking at the new OS making its way to new devices, Huawei took another turn in letting older devices get it first. We believe that is a way to ensure that the OS works fine and well before they bet all of their coins on it and bring it out on a new device.

It seems that has worked for them, though, but their latest move is shocking:

Now, Honor device users also get to use the same OS on their devices.

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Huawei has sold Honor already and we would think that the new company would not want to associate with the parent brand anymore. However, the devices that are on track to get the HarmonyOS 2 – which are the Honor View 20 and Honor 20 series – were made before the company sold its new brand.

Likewise, these devices were allowed to download and run the beta of the HarmonyOS 2 before. Now they get access to the real deal and can see what the new Android and iOS rival brings to the table.

It seems the Asian OEM is seeding the full update in China for now before it makes it to other parts of the world. We will keep tabs on the developments and let you know once the update comes to a market near you.

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