Google inches closer to making the Pixel 6 an iPhone 13 challenger

Google inches closer to making the Pixel 6 an iPhone 13 challenger

Google might be the ones that came up with the Android concept, but they have left it in the hands of others for too long. That has allowed brands like Apple, who runs its own hardware and software, score better points in the market.

That is mostly why Google entered the market fully with the Pixel idea. Now that we have the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro in the pipeline, there is a lot of factors to show that Google is slowly but surely coming for Apple’s stake on the smartphone market.

Sometimes ago, it was revealed that Google is promising up to five years of major updates for the Pixel 6 line-up. This will continue into the new generations of Pixel devices to come after this one and there is an even higher chance that they take that number up.

This will be the first time that an Android manufacturer is making such a promise which matches what Apple does on its units.

As if that is not enough, new details have now emerged that the Pixel 6 units will work with a 5nm chip created by Samsung. With the years of experience that Samsung has with making chips, so much that they were trusted to make even Qualcomm chips, this is another great move for Google.

At this stage, we can’t wait to see what the search engine giant has planned for us on this new release.

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