Galaxy S11 to retain the punch hole tech as found on Note 10 units

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We have been hearing some things about the upcoming Galaxy S11, and we have just about two months and some days before this unit makes the big screen. While the device has been rendered already, although not officially, we also have an idea as to what to expect.

In short, we will be getting the SD 865 chipset under the hood, and some markets may yet get the Exynos 990 chipset under the hood too. The amazing part of it all is that the largest of the units could get as big as 6.9 inches. Even by current phablet standards, this is large.

This means Samsung has to find a way to fit all that screen into a kind of body that we are used to – and that means even more bezel.

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For that, the choice of front camera is also important. That means we can easily get a punch hole similar to what we have in the Note 10/ Note 10 Plus units for his year. Looking at a leaked casing of the unit too, that is the case here.

Again, Samsung is yet to confirm anything officially, but we might have to wait too long of we were banking on such official confirmation.

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