Fortinet and T-Systems Joins Hands to Launch Cyber Security Academy in South Africa

Fortinet and T-Systems Joins Hands to Launch Cyber Security Academy in South Africa

A couple of months back, strict lockdown measures were enforced in South Africa to help reduce the spread of the deadly virus. In that time, reports have it that the rate of cyberattacks in the country increased rapidly.

Following that report is another, which listed South Africa as one of the top targeted countries by cyber attackers.

In a bid to fight the rate of online attacks within the walls of the nation, T-Systems and Fortinet have come together to launch a Cyber Security Academy. The institution will be made accessible to the South African youth.

 According to Fortinet, the new security-focused institution will feature its Network Security Expert certifications. These certifications will help interested candidates develop cybersecurity awareness skills and ultimately tackle the problem of cyberattacks in the country.

‘’Cybersecurity has become a top C-level priority across the globe. Skills in the cybersecurity field are in high demand due to the increasing rate of cyber-attacks globally. Incorporating the teaching of cybersecurity courses in our Academy will help us to empower the youth with new skills, which will increase their chances of getting employed,’’ said Marcus Karuppan, T-Systems’s ICT Academy Manager.

‘’For many years, T-Systems has been a partner to Fortinet. Building on that foundation, the duo has joined hands to focus on the development of cybersecurity awareness and skills.’’

Furthermore, the Academy provides learners with a chance to acquire training towards an NQF4 qualification in their first year.