Flash sale: Realme GT sells off more than 30K units in mere seconds

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Realme does not only know how to make affordable phones, but they know how to drum up the hype around their units too.

That is the case with the Realme GT units going on flash sale and bringing in CNY100 million in revenue – all that in mere seconds.

While the company was eager to confirm that they had sold out the units planned for the flash sale, and how much they raked in, they didn’t comment on the numbers of individual units sold.

Like with most other manufacturers today, the Realme GT is not available in one option only. Thus, it is almost difficult to estimate how much of each unit was sold to reach this figure.

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No matter which it is, this feat is a laudable one on the part of the company. The fact that the device offers almost unbeatable specs at a highly affordable price range also contributes to the success of this sale.

Whether they will go for a direct to market launch after this or host some more flash sales, though, is up to the company.

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